james hendricksAmerican (b. 1938)

James Hendricks was born in Arkansas and now lives in Massachusetts as a full time painter. He received his Bachelors of Art degree at the University of Arkansas and his Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Iowa. His richly colorful paintings have the dramatic sensibility of stars exploding and the essence of the creative expansion of the universe. The artist begins with a subtle and relaxing background of color and then with drips and splatters builds up exuberant energy that results in richly textured paintings that suggest the creation of the sublime. Hendricks’ accomplishments as a painter include several one-man shows in museums across the country including the Arkansas Arts Center and the Museum of Fine Art in Springfield, Massachusetts. His large paintings and works on paper can be found in museum, corporate, and private collections across the country. Collectors of note include: the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., the Arkansas Arts Center, and Time Magazine, Inc.