Greg Thompson Fine Art was established in 1995 and is one of the top private art dealerships and art advisory services in the Southern United States. GTFA offers expertise in negotiating the complexities of the art market and helping clients develop connoisseurship in the art buying and selling experience. We specialize in important artists in the Southern, Modern & Contemporary art movements. Whether you are looking for a unique masterpiece, wanting to build an entire collection, a seasoned collector or a beginner, let us put our expertise, relationships and knowledge to work for you. We continually place our collector’s satisfaction in the art buying and selling experience as our highest priority. If you are in the market to purchase or de-access important works of art, we look forward to being of service to you.

Greg Thompson has spent his life in the fine art world nurturing & developing relationships with artists, collectors, dealers, gallerists and museums. Mr. Thompson received his B.A. in Art and Art History from Hendrix College in 1990. His study and practice as a former fine artist gives him an edge and an eye for helping spot important quality work by significant artists for his clientele. Since opening his art dealership in 1995, Thompson has built a reputation of excellence, expertise and a go to person in the art world. He is a member and patron of several museums across the country and travels extensively to important art destinations locating essential works for his clientele from private collections often before they get on the open market. He regularly lectures to museum and collector groups on topics such as what to look for when purchasing fine art, art as an investment allocation and how to develop focus as a collector.