edward riceAmerican (b.1953)

Ed Rice lives and works in Augusta, Georgia. He has grown up with the architecture of the South running through his veins. Rice sees the history of Southern heritage emulated in the architectural features of its stately Antebellum homes and architectural forms which he refers to as “our temples.” His rich painterly treatment of a cornice, an ice house, a smoke house, a weaving house and a barn immortalizes this by gone era in our nation’s rich history. To experience an Ed Rice painting in person is to experience the rich cultural mysteries and nuances of the South and its tributaries. Says Rice of his work, “My goal has always been simple enough: to take ideas rooted in the past and make them relevant to our own time.” Collectors of the artist’s work include: The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, The Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia and the Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina.